Calm & Soothe the Nerves


Noble Kava has been Fiji’s traditional choice to promote better sleep and relaxation for over 3000 years. Thanks to its naturally occurring composition of kavalactones and chemical makeup, it’s considered the purest and safest form of Kava. We nurture each Noble Kava plant throughout the year to produce predictable yields and a consistent kavalactone level. In doing so, we’re able to replicate the therapeutic benefits of Kava in every serving of FijiKava.

Our medicinal range of Kava products have been formulated using only Noble Kava from Fiji

Our Noble Kava is planted, produced, processed and packed by us. 100% Farm to Shelf within Fiji

Noble Kava’s calming and soothing properties are 100% water extracted from the humble plant

Supported by over a decade of research into 200 species of Kava across the South Pacific


We're proud to offer the world's most trusted Noble Kava products. FijiKava was the first international company approved by the Fijian Government to operate in the kava industry. All of our products are certified Fijian Noble Kava. Every product is 100% traceable - we guarantee it's straight from our farms to you.

Our capsules are FDA and TGA certified compliant as a complementary medicine and supplement. Our promise is to grow only Noble Kava in Fiji. Noble Kava is the root of all good, and we make sure it stays that way from farm to shelf.

"I have wonderful sleep, since receiving my FijiKava. I also wake up refreshed & revived. Definitely recommended to my clients."

Aylashay's Alternative Health
Teacher, Alternative Therapist


For generations, Fijians have only used a water-extraction method for Noble Kava, and we share the same view. We extract the kavalactones out of the root of the plant with 100% water and no artificial colors. This method ensures a consistent result and no negative side effects, which are heavily associated with less natural processes, such as ethanol. Located in Ovalau, Fiji is our 111-acre SATA Nucleus Farm. This is where our Noble Kava is planted and nurtured in rich organic soils and hydrated with the world's finest Fijian water.


To ensure we only provide the best quality product with the best possible benefits, we've conducted over a decade's worth of research. Our research found only a few varieties of kava of the 200 species in the South Pacific possess the optimum percentage of kavalactones required for sleep, calm and body relaxation. Studying the plantlets, cultivars and tissue culture for over a decade has also allowed us to find the perfect balance of kavalactones and chemotype profiles.

FijiKava only uses the highest quality raw material. Quality is the key to achieving the beneficial and safe effects from this noble plant. Independent clinical trials have been conducted all over the world to assess safety, quality and therapeutic benefits of kava. All the findings are positive - it's provide succesful in treating general anxiety disorder (GAD) and no major concerns for liver toxicity have been found in the past 15 years.