The Calm

Ah Fiji. One of the most tranquil places on earth. How do the people remain so stress free in Fiji? They drink kava, known throughout the Pacific to relieve everyday stress. Kava offers calming physical effects, without clouding judgement or clarity, making Fiji Kava perfect for a relaxing break from the frayed nerves of everyday life.

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Scientifically Researched

Developed in the Fiji Islands and supported by leading scientific research.

Fast Acting

Support for anxiety and stress within minutes. Fast acting Fiji Kava capsules on the go for the busy day to day.

100% Plant Based

All natural, free from any artificial ingredients, nothing synthetic. Caffeine-free, vegan and 100% kava root from Fiji Islands.

Peace Of Mind

You can be assured we are involved in the planting, growing, processing, and delivery of our product from Farm to Shelf 100% guaranteed.

So What is Kava?

It’s Time to Take Control of Stress

Finally a natural supplement that is 100% plant-based and free from artificial chemicals. Fiji Kava was developed in the magical Fiji Islands, a pure and natural solution, and supports the day to day stresses in life .

Just 1 Ingredient

Pure Fiji Kava with active Kavalactones. That’s it. All Natural no extract added, Vegan Friendly

Scientifically Researched

Fiji Kava’s breakthrough key ingredient: Kavalactones – Are extracted from the Piper Methysticum plant naturally grow in Fiji. Through our plant science and technology we have found specific varieties that are chemotyped to target anxiety, & stress.

Farm to Shelf Guarantee

We guarantee our kava is planted, produced, processed, and packaged by us 100% Farm to Shelf fresh from our Fiji Islands

Our Kava Science Makes It All Possible

Meet Kavalactones – our active ingredient sourced from the purest sources of kava in the magical Fiji Islands. Naturally grown, nourished by ground nutrients and hydrated with Fiji water.

Our kava farms are run ethically and sustainably. We provide our Fijian farmers with steady income and add to community development. We wanted to do the right thing for Fiji.

The high quality kava cultivars we grow, harvest and process, are among the most consistent and finest in the world. We maintain a desirable chemotype profile specifically targeting anxiety and stress.

Just 3 Steps to Taking Control of Stress.

1 – Check our Our Taki Mai Shop
Here you will find our quality products with pure and active ingredients that you can take on the go.

2 – Order Your Kava Capsules
Ordering is easy and we will ship within 1 working day of purchase

3 – Experience the Calm
Capsules are easy to take and are active within minutes, providing calming and soothing relief

Where Fiji Kava May Help

Insomnia Relief

Having trouble getting a good nights sleep? Fiji Kava helps insomnia naturally with our pure kava in capsule form.

Stress Relief

Maintaining clarity but keeping you calm and chilled. You can find benefits with this at work or study.

Mild Anxiety Relief

Calm those jangled nerves . Fiji Kava may help with this. A natural way aiding in mild anxiety and stress.

Muscle Relaxation

Great after that workout or hard physical day. Our kava capsules help aid to relax those muscles.

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