Fijians were recently voted the happiest, most relaxed nation on earth. So lucky for you, we put Fiji in a bottle.

FijiKava® is a medicinal Noble Kava company based in Australia that provides a natural solution to calm and soothe nerves, support muscle relaxation, increase mind relaxation and induce sleep. FijiKava® is the first and only foreign company with approval from the Fijian Government to operate in the kava industry and the world’s first listed kava company (ASX:CCO).

The company has complete control over its vertically integrated supply chain in a true farm-to-shelf operation and has established a 111-acre Nucleus Farm in Levuka, Fiji. The high-quality Noble Kava cultivars that FijiKava® grows, harvests and processes are among the most consistent and finest in the world.

Widely recognized as supplying the world’s most trusted Noble Kava, FijiKava® focuses on bringing the secret elixir of Fiji’s world-famous joyful, calm and relaxed culture to the world. By distributing a range of scientifically researched, TGA and FDA compliant Noble Kava extract products throughout Western markets. In Australia, this includes Noble Kava extract capsules. In Fiji, New Zealand and the United States of America, the range consists of instant powders and new, exciting products currently being developed and tested.

FijiKava Nucleus Farm

Our purpose-built Nucleus Farm in Ovalau is where all the magic happens

At FijiKava®, our purpose-built Nucleus Farm in Ovalau is where all the magic happens. Our tissue culture lab in Levuka has state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to produce, test and process Noble Kava as a singular integrated system.

The digitalization of our farm-to-shelf system is a first for the kava industry. We are currently working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture in Fiji to advocate greater awareness and transparency regarding how kava is produced, processed, and sold.

With the science and technology to back us and an environment that gives the most natural source of kava root possible, it is no wonder that we are the world’s finest Noble Kava extract. Our Nucleus Farm grows and selects the best types of Noble Kava to actively calm and soothe nerves, support muscle relaxation, increase mind relaxation and induce sleep.


Our Uniqueness Explained

1. Spanning 111-acres in Ovalau Fiji, lies our Nucleus Farm. This is where Noble Kava is planted and nurtured in rich, organic soils, extracted using 100% pure Fijian water and dried using traditional techniques before oven drying. This is why our product stands as one with consistent premium quality.

2. At FijiKava, through our plant technology and scientific research, we have identified specific varieties of Noble Kava, grown in Fiji, from the current 200 known types across the South Pacific. We only selected Noble Kava containing a preferred level (%) of kavalactones - our breakthrough, active ingredient - in the root of the plant. These kavalactone and chemotype profiles enable our products to calm and soothe nerves and increase mind and body relaxation.

3. Over a decade of investigation and research into plant technology with Kava plantlets, cultivars and tissue cultures of the mother plants have allowed us to find the perfect balance in kavalactones and chemotype profiles. These profiles have been cloned, guaranteeing a consistent result and product.

4. Our Nucleus Farm contains a state-of-the-art ‘Farm Digitalization’ dashboard. This technology enables us to harness critical data readings from our farms soils, such as nutrient or moisture levels. The data, which is shown as a live-feed in our control centre (24/7), allows for an instant remedy to be provided for any readings which are outside their specified tolerances.

5. No artificial chemicals or contaminants are added to our stringent 100% water extraction method. We value the quality of our kava, which we believe to be the "root of all good" in this world. Therefore, a higher wastage in the production process occurs, which minimizes our profits. To our knowledge, no other company goes to this effort to deliver a quality and pure product.

6. We have a vertically integrated and traceable supply chain. Our kava is planted, processed, and packed within Fiji (100% Farm-to-shelf), guaranteed. This is why FijiKava, is revered as supplying the world’s most trusted kava, and why, as a publicly-listed Australian company, we are the first and only foreign company approved by the Fiji Government to operate in the kava industry.

The medicinal benefits of kava have been traditionally used in Pacific Islander and Western herbal medicine to promote sleep, relax the body and calm and soothe the nerves.