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Taki Mai Kava is a natural, plant-based, additive-free, alternative to support the day to day stresses in life.

Our breakthrough key ingredient Kavalactones, are extracted from the Piper Methysticum plant naturally grown in Fiji. Through our plant and food research and technology we have found specific varieties that are chemotyped to target anxiety, & stress.

We guarantee our kava is planted, produced, processed and packaged by us, 100% Farm to Shelf fresh from Fiji.

People ❤ Taki Mai Fiji Kava

We love them, they do make a difference & we believe many people will benefit. They are very gentle with no yucky after taste. Highly recommended.

Melbourne Kids Review

Parents, Carers, Mums & Dads Review Blog

I have wonderful sleep, since receiving my taki mai, I also wake up refreshed & revived. Definitely recommended to my clients. Thanks Fiji Kava.

Aylashay's Alternative Health

Teacher, Alternative Therapist

Taki Mai Fiji Kava has helped me through injury times, and recovery. Its natural and I dont lose clarity after having it which is important.

Slater Thompson

Hubboards - Professional Wave Rider

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