Noble Kava – 50g pouch - Fiji Kava l Pure Fiji Kava - Sustainably Farmed from Fiji Islands

Noble Kava – 50g pouch

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The medicinal benefits of kava are widely recognised as a natural solution which has been used traditionally in Pacific Islander and Western herbal medicine for centuries. Our instant Noble kava possesses specific levels of kavalactones that we have scientifically researched which consistently produce therapeutic benefits to calm and soothe nerves, promote mind relaxation, support muscle relaxation and assist sleep.

For Fijians to create grog or yaqona, dried roots of the kava plant are pounded until they become a fine powder. It’s then mixed with water, and poured into a half-coconut shell, called a bilo, which is passed around, bonding friend to friend. So, Fijians might refer to kava as the root of all good. Our potent Fiji Kava can instantly be mixed with water because, unlike the kava in Fiji, we mill ours more finely for a better yield and consistency. No pounding required. Coconut shell optional. 100% Farm to Shelf Traceability Guaranteed.


100% Piper Methysticum (Kava) Root Powder
Net wt 50g

Directions for Use

Take one 2g-serve daily in approx. 250ml (1 cup) of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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