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Noble Kava Instant Root Powder 500g Vegan - 100% Certified Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder

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    FijiKava® exists to share Fijian Noble Kava™ with the world. Fijians are regarded as the happiest people in the world, and Kava has been their traditional drink for over 3000 years. So relax and enjoy a cup or two. Our products are 100% traceable - we guarantee it's straight from our farms to you.

    • 100% Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder
    1. Add 1 Teaspoon (2.5g) of FijiKava Noble Kava Instant Mix & 200mL of cold water to a blender.
    2. Blend for 1-2 mins.
    3. Pour blended mixture through a straining cloth (if desired).
    4. Enjoy Kava’s earthy taste. Slight numbness to the tongue is normal.

    Product reviews

    Instant Kava Powder 500g: Authenticity Meets Simplicity

    Dive into the realm of Pacific serenity with FijiKava's Instant Kava Root Powder in a generous 500g size. Seamlessly bridging age-old Pacific Island traditions with modern-day ease, we bring you an unparalleled kava experience. Our kava is sourced ethically and directly from the local farmers who cultivate Noble Kava with love and respect in the nutrient-rich soils of Fiji.

    We painstakingly refine our Instant Kava Powder to eliminate any tough, fibrous material, making your preparation effortless. Just blend it into your preferred beverage, and the soothing embrace of kava is ready to engulf you. No kneading, no filtering, just instant pleasure.

    The 500g Instant Kava Powder Pack: A Boundless Exploration of Kava's Serenity

    For the ardent connoisseurs who revel in the calming attributes of kava, we present our Instant Kava Powder in a larger 500g pack. Whether you're a seasoned kava enthusiast or a passionate follower of kava's tranquil journey, this generous pack ensures an ample supply for countless serene moments of relaxation.

    Crafting the Instant Kava Powder: A Process of Precision and Dedication

    The transformation of our Instant Kava Powder unfolds through a rigorous, multistep process:

    1. The Noble Kava roots, sourced directly from local Fijian farmers, are diligently cleaned and soaked, priming them for the next stage.
    2. The purified roots are then expertly minced, optimising the process of kava extraction.
    3. The minced kava is cured under the naturally warm Pacific sunlight within our secure processing facility.
    4. Once sun-cured to the ideal degree, the kava is transferred to a drying oven to achieve the perfect moisture balance.

    Lastly, the dried kava is milled into a fine, flowing powder devoid of any hard, fibrous material (known as the ‘kosa’), resulting in an ultra-smooth, easy-to-blend consistency.

    Instant Kava Powder 500g Usage: Ease in Every Stir

    To savour the calming essence of our Instant Kava Powder, simply incorporate it into your drink of choice, blend well, and it's set to sip. An oasis of serenity is merely a blend away.

    Please refer to the product description above or your package for specific usage instructions. Do note, consuming kava as a beverage introduces an earthy flavour and may elicit a harmless, mild numbing sensation in the mouth and tongue.

    Buy Instant Kava Powder 500g: The Authentic Pacific Ritual at Your Doorstep

    Invite the genuine Pacific Kava culture into your home with FijiKava's Instant Kava Powder. Specifically crafted for those who appreciate a simple yet genuine kava experience, each pack is your passport to the tranquil rituals of the Pacific Islands.

    Whether you're in Australia, Sydney, or Melbourne, ordering is just a few clicks away. With a quick and secure purchasing process, your gateway to a true Pacific kava experience is just around the corner.


    FijiKava's Assurance: Quality and Transparency in Every Packet of Instant Kava Powder

    From the Fijian farms to your doorstep, we closely monitor each step, ensuring you receive nothing short of the best. Here's how we maintain our staunch commitment to quality and transparency:

    • Fair Trade Relationships: We initiate our kava journey by establishing fair trade partnerships with local Fijian kava farmers. This enables us to source the highest-quality Noble Kava and contribute positively to local community development.
    • Stringent Quality Checks: Every batch of kava undergoes rigorous testing for authenticity, purity, and potency. This robust quality assurance system ensures a reliable product every time.
    • Adherence to High Standards: Our compliance with top-tier quality standards, backed by certifications like HACCP, and alignment with FDA regulations, guarantees the safety and effectiveness of our products.
    • Partnership with Agricultural Authorities: We collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture in Fiji to uphold transparency and responsible practices in the kava industry, working together to enhance industry integrity and sustainability.


    Want a little less? Try Our Popular 250g Instant Kava Powder

    If you're new to the kava experience or simply wish to maintain a moderate supply, our 250g pack could be the perfect fit for you. As our most popular size, it offers a convenient quantity for those looking to explore kava's calming effects at a steady pace. Begin your journey into the tranquil world of Kava with our 250g Instant Kava Powder. It's a smaller step that can lead to great relaxation. Bula vinaka!