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Noble Kava Instant Root Powder 250g Vegan - 100% Certified Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder

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    FijiKava® exists to share Fijian Noble Kava™ with the world. Fijians are regarded as the happiest people in the world, and Kava has been their traditional drink for over 3000 years. So relax and enjoy a cup or two. Our products are 100% traceable - we guarantee it's straight from our farms to you.

    • 100% Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder
    1. Add1 Teaspoon (2.5g) of FijiKava Noble Kava Instant Mix & 200mL of cold water to a blender.
    2. Blend for 1-2 mins.
    3. Pour blended mixture through a straining cloth (if desired).
    4. Enjoy Kava’s earthy taste. Slight numbness to the tongue is normal.

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    Instant Serenity with FijiKava's Instant Kava Powder 250g

    FijiKava's Instant Kava Root Powder offers a swift gateway to the serene calmness of traditional kava experience. As one of our most popular sizes, the 250g package ensures you have a plentiful supply of high-quality Noble Kava, ethically sourced from trusted local farms in Fiji, making your kava journey both instant and enduring.

    What is Instant Kava Powder?

    Instant Kava Powder, or Micronised Kava Powder, is a refined form of kava that has been processed to remove 'kosa', the hard, fibrous material. This extra step leads to a product that requires minimal preparation – simply mix it into your preferred beverage, and the authentic kava experience is ready for you to savour.

    Crafting Our 250g Instant Kava Powder

    Our Instant Kava Root Powder starts with the highest quality Noble Kava and goes through a detailed process:

    1. Noble Kava root is washed and soaked to remove residual soil and potential bacteria.
    2. The cleaned kava is then transformed to an optimal size for further processing.
    3. The prepared kava is spread out to dry under the natural Fijian sun within a secure area of our factory.
    4. After achieving the desired moisture content, the kava is carefully moved into a drying oven.
    5. The final stage involves milling the kava into a fine consistency, while simultaneously removing the 'kosa' — the hard fibrous material.

    The end product is our Instant Kava Powder — skillfully micronised, free from hard fibrous material, and ready for instant enjoyment.

    A Simple Way to Enjoy Instant Kava Powder

    Experiencing our Instant Kava Sample Pack is a breeze. Blend the micronised kava powder into your drink of preference, ensure it's mixed well, and it's ready to savour. Relish the authentic kava experience devoid of straining or prolonged preparation.
    For detailed usage guidelines, please refer to the product description above or the instructions provided on your package.
    Note, when consuming kava, you may notice an earthy taste and a gentle numbing sensation in your mouth and tongue. This is completely normal and a part of the traditional kava experience – it's how you know it's working!

    Buy Instant Kava Powder for an Authentic Experience

    Looking to buy 250g Instant Kava Powder online in Australia? FijiKava is your perfect choice. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, our Instant Kava Powder merges the authentic Pacific kava culture with modern convenience. No need for traditional preparation methods; just an immediate, rich kava experience. Always available, always genuine, FijiKava brings the Pacific straight to your doorstep.

    A Transparent Journey: Our Traceability Commitment

    At FijiKava, we're dedicated to delivering an authentic kava experience. To uphold this promise, we have implemented sustainable and transparent practices at every step of our supply chain:

    1. Nurturing Local Partnerships: We've fostered meaningful relationships with Fijian farmers who provide us with premium Noble Kava. We follow fair trade agreements, ensuring our practices support the local communities while guaranteeing the highest quality in our products.
    2. Unwavering Quality Controls: We uphold stringent quality checks on every kava batch. Our tests confirm authenticity, verify purity, and assess potency, ensuring you receive a consistently excellent product.
    3. Commitment to Excellence: FijiKava is proudly aligned with the highest industry standards, including HACCP. We also adhere to FDA regulations, providing further assurance of our product's safety and efficacy.
    4. Working Hand-in-hand with Authorities: Our strong collaboration with Fiji's Ministry of Agriculture helps us maintain transparency in our practices. This partnership is vital in upholding responsible procedures within the kava industry.

    This traceability commitment is the backbone of FijiKava, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve as you embark on your kava journey

    Loved it? Try Our 500g Size

    If you're already a fan of our Instant Kava Powder, consider stepping up to our 500g pack. This larger size allows you to enjoy more of the instant, high-quality kava experiences you cherish. Often the preferred choice of seasoned kava enthusiasts, the 500g size guarantees a higher number of your favourite kava moments. Dive into a more abundant kava journey with this generous pack. Bula vinaka!