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Noble Calm - 60 Vegan Capsules

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A natural alternative to prescription medicines treating mild anxiety, stress and similar conditions. Combining Noble Kava with Rhodiola rosea and Siberian ginseng, we formulated Noble Calm to relax the mind and soothe the nerves. Rhodiola rosea aids stress relief and nervousness, while Siberian ginseng helps reduce mental fatigue.

Each vegan capsule contains:

  • Piper methysticum (Kava) ext. dry conc – 420 mg
  • From minimum fresh root – 4.2 g
  • Stand. to contain Kavalactones – 30 mg
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus(Siberian Ginseng) ext. dry conc – 67 mg
  • From dry root- 1 g
  • Rhodiola rosea ext. dry conc – 100 mg
  • From dry herb root – 800 mg

Take ONE (1) to TWO (2) capsules once daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Not for prolonged use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health practitioner. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. May harm the liver. Do not use if cap seal is broken or if inner foil liner is missing or broken. Store below 30°C (86°F).

Product reviews

Noble Kava Calm 60 Capsules: A Steady Hand of Calm and Focus

Welcome a reliable partner in your quest for mental clarity and calm with our Noble Kava Calm 60 Capsules. Infused with the relaxing properties of Noble Kava root and the invigorating benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and Siberian Ginseng, each capsule is a mini-ambassador of Pacific Island traditions.

Whether you are navigating a hectic day or simply desire a moment of peace, you have a larger supply of these potent capsules ready to guide you towards calm and focused alertness.

The Making of Noble Kava Calm 60 Capsules: An Island Voyage in Every Capsule

Experience a journey of calmness and clarity with every Noble Kava Calm 60 capsule. The tale of their creation is one of meticulous craftsmanship fused with respect for Pacific Island traditions:

  1. The journey begins with the careful harvesting of Noble Kava root, the foundation of our calming capsules.
  2. In the warming embrace of the Pacific sun, we cleanse the roots, eliminating residual soil and bacteria.
  3. Employing time-honoured methods, our experts extract a juice-rich paste from the cleansed roots, preserving the powerful components of the Noble Kava.
  4. The potent essence is subsequently handled with care to create our 'instant kava' powder - a water extract standardised to an effective kavalactone level.
  5. At this point, we incorporate the potent Rhodiola Rosea and Siberian Ginseng, adding a layer of revitalising energy to the calming blend.
  6. Finally, this enriched blend finds a home in our Noble Kava Calm 60 capsules, standing by for your moments of need.

Buy Noble Kava Calm 60 Capsules: Effortless and Secure

Securing your Noble Kava Calm 60 capsules is as straightforward as the calm they bring. Regardless of your location in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, or elsewhere - we ensure seamless and secure delivery to your doorstep. With a more substantial supply on hand, Pacific peace is always within your reach.

Man with FijiKava Noble Calm in the forest

The Journey of Noble Kava Calm 60 Capsules: Upholding Transparency and Excellence

Each Noble Kava Calm 60 capsule stands as a symbol of our dedication to unparalleled quality and complete transparency. Here's how we make it possible:

  1. Sustainable Partnerships: We initiate our process by establishing equitable partnerships with local kava farmers in Fiji. This not only guarantees that we obtain premium-grade Noble Kava but also aids in uplifting the local communities.
  2. Stringent Quality Checks: Every batch of our Noble Kava is put through rigorous testing to validate its authenticity, purity, and potency. This rigorous protocol enables us to deliver a product you can rely on for consistency and quality.
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Certification: Our products uphold high-quality standards, meeting certifications such as HACCP and complying with FDA guidelines. This dedication to regulation compliance guarantees the safety and high quality of our products.
  4. Collaborative Farming Practices: In partnership with Fiji's Ministry of Agriculture, we strive to enhance accountability and promote responsible farming practices within the kava industry.

Just Starting Out? Try Our Noble Kava Calm 30 Capsules

For those beginning their journey with Kava or looking for a smaller pack, we recommend the Noble Kava Calm 30 capsules. These capsules offer the same calming and revitalising blend of Noble Kava root, Rhodiola Rosea, and Siberian Ginseng. It's a perfect choice for those who wish to trial the serenity of the Pacific Islands before committing to a larger count. With FijiKava, your journey towards relaxed alertness starts exactly where you want it to.