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The medicinal benefits of Kava have long been recognised as a safer, natural alternative to help treat anxiety, stress and other medical conditions (over prescription medicines).

The breakthrough in why Kava is a global phenomenon in natural and complementary medicines, is Kavalactones. Kavalactones are compounds found in the root of the Kava plant. With 200 known varieties of Kava across the South Pacific, you can imagine how true a statement “kava ain’t kava” is. The physiological effects of Kava are usually viewed as an important characteristic of the plants quality for customers.  As well as characteristics such as where it was grown, the taste and cleanliness.

There are 6 known major Kavalactones which have been identified into a numbering system below:

1 | Desmethoxyyangonin (DMY)

2 | Dihydrokavain (DHK)

3 | Yangonin (YAN)

4 | Kavain (KAV)

5 | Dihydromethysticin (DHM) and

6 | Methysticin (METH)

Kava is tested in a suitably equipped laboratory to determine the quantity and ratio from the six Kavalactones it contains. The ‘chemotype’, or Kavalactone profile, is then determined by ranking the proportions of the six Kavalactones from highest to the lowest amount. In addition to desirable chemotypes, the total amount of Kavalactones within the kava is also important.

From our 13 years of scientific research, plant and clinical tests, Fiji Kava has discovered a specific level (%) of Kavalactones in the root that only a few kava varieties possess. From this possessing, we have derived chemotype profiles which are desirable for targeting stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscles. Only this kind of kava is used by Fiji Kava.

Just as important to the selection of kava based on Kavalactones percentage concentration and chemotype profiles, is how the Kavalactones are extracted from the roof of the kava. Our stringent 100% water extraction method is done without the addition of any artificial chemicals or contaminants. This guarantees no nasties in what is consumed by our customers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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The medicinal benefits of kava are widely recognised as a safer, natural alternative to help treat anxiety and other medical conditions, over prescription medicines such as Xanax and Valium.

Our kava possesses specific % levels of kavalactones that we have scientifically researched and clinically trialled as desirable to actively target anxiety, stress, insomnia and weary muscles.

As well as being TGA and FDA compliant and listed as a complementary medicine in Australia, kava is also sold as a dietary supplement in most other international markets.

I have wonderful sleep, since receiving my Fiji Kava, I also wake up refreshed & revived. Definitely recommended to my clients. Thanks Fiji Kava.

Aylashay's Alternative Health
Teacher, Alternative Therapist

Fiji Kava has helped me through injury times, and recovery. Its natural and I dont lose clarity after having it which is important.

Slater Thompson
Hubboards - Professional Wave Rider

We love them, they do make a difference & we believe many people will benefit. They are very gentle with no yucky after taste. Highly recommended.

Melbourne Kids Review
Parents, Carers, Mums & Dads Review Blog

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