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Fiji Kava Capsules, the natural remedy for anxiety, stress, insomnia and muscle relaxation


Speak to a Pacific islander about stress and they will probably ask you what it is! Life on the islands of Fiji, for example, is a lot slower and less “cluttered” than the modern city life that many of us have become accustomed to.

Fijians also have a kava culture that is alive and well and part of everyday life. Just as many westerners drink their coffee and tea socially, Fijians drink kava and they benefit from the relaxing effects it has. Studies at the University of Queensland showed the effectiveness of kava in relieving stress and anxiety, with results showing it is just as effective as many of the prescription medicines, without the potentially harmful side effects.

It’s worth noting that kava has been used medicinally, as well as socially and ceremonially, for many centuries in Fiji and other Pacific islands. Traditional preparations of kava root using cold water extraction are both safe and effective in producing a calming and relaxing effect, which can enhance mood and help to lift many of the negative effects of stress. It should also be noted that the underlying causes of stress need to be addressed …but many people are finding that kava assists in helping to wind down and achieve the mental clarity to think more clearly about their lives.

Kava has been known for centuries by pacific island people as a stress remedy. At Fiji Kava, it’s our mission to get the word out there that there is a safe, natural remedy to the mentioned ailments which will calm and soothe without side effects.

Kava as Natural Muscle Relaxant

Through research, greater understanding of the positive effect from Kavalactones has become apparent. Kavalactones are compounds found in kava root. When extracted using cold water extraction methods, as done so traditionally in Fijian kava, the health benefits are plenty.

Chris Kilham from Fox News Health talks extensively about these properties in ‘Kava, Medicine Hunting in Paradise’ (1996, Park Street Press, pgs.. 103 – 104); he classes kava as a local anesthetic, a “first rate sedative”, an analgesic “superior to aspirin” and “an excellent muscle relaxant” which can “make the pain of an aching back, a sore neck, or any other cramped, sore, or injured muscle disappear.”

That’s quite a list for our humble little plant.

Other Benefits of Kava

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