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Noble Kava Traditional Grind Root Powder Vegan 1KG - 100% Certified Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder

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    FijiKava® exists to share Fijian Noble Kava™ with the world. Fijians are regarded as the happiest people in the world, and Kava has been their traditional drink for over 3000 years. So relax and enjoy a cup or two. Our products are 100% traceable - we guarantee it's straight from our farms to you.

    • 100% Fijian Noble Kava Root Powder
    1. Mix 1 Teaspoon (2.5g) of FijiKava Noble Kava Traditional Grind with 200mL of cold water.
    2. Strain the mixture.
    3. Alternatively, use your favourite traditional method to prepare kava.
    4. Enjoy Kava’s earthy taste. Slight numbness to the tongue is normal.

    Product reviews

    Engage with Traditions: FijiKava's Traditional Grind Noble Kava Powder

    Bula! Step into the captivating world of Pacific Island traditions with FijiKava's Traditional Grind Noble Kava Powder, also known as Medium Grind Kava Powder. At FijiKava, we marry our reverence for tradition, the pursuit of authenticity, and connection to our Pacific Island roots in every packet of our Traditional Kava Powder.

    Our Traditional Grind Kava Powder provides a true taste of the age-old kava traditions. Lovingly prepared to a medium grind, this Noble Kava root powder cultivates a calming and alert state, evocative of the serene Pacific Island atmosphere.

    Our Craft: From Fresh Roots to Traditional Grind Kava Powder

    From the verdant Fijian farms to your home, we maintain the artistry of kava production with respect and care. This is how we infuse the spirit of the Pacific Islands into our Noble Kava Root powder:

    1. The journey begins with Noble Kava roots, ethically sourced from local Fijian farmers and meticulously cleaned for purity.
    2. The kava then undergoes mindful processing, preserving the essence of tradition at each step.
    3. Next, the processed kava is laid out to sun-dry in a secure environment, harnessing the natural warmth of the Fijian sun.
    4. Upon reaching the optimal moisture content, the kava is transferred to a drying oven for careful preservation.
    5. The final stage is precision milling, yielding our authentic Traditional Medium Grind Kava Powder.

    This careful process ensures that when you choose FijiKava, you're stepping into an authentic Pacific Island experience.

    How to Use Traditional Grind Kava Powder

    Experience the traditional ritual of preparing kava with our Traditional Grind Kava Powder. Mix the powder with water, knead, and strain to extract the calming kavalactones.

    For specific usage directions, look to the product description above or the details on the back of your package.

    When consumed as a beverage, kava imparts an earthy flavour, which is a quintessential part of the experience. You might also notice a mild numbing sensation in your mouth and tongue. This is completely normal and an indication that the kava is working its magic.

    It's a harmless but fascinating aspect of the kava journey, introducing you to a sense of serene calm and alertness - like stepping into the tranquil spirit of the Pacific Islands.

    Buy Traditional Grind Noble Kava Powder

    Experience the Pacific's rich heritage from the comfort of your own home. With FijiKava, ordering our Traditional Grind Noble Kava Powder is a breeze. Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, enjoy the convenience of a swift, hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep, bringing you closer to an authentic kava experience.

    Traceability: A Testament to Our Commitment

    In delivering you the real kava experience, we ensure transparent and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain:

    1. Ethical Trade Relations: We source our Noble Kava from local Fijian farmers under fair trade agreements, ensuring the highest quality while contributing to the local communities.
    2. Strict Quality Assessments: Each batch of kava is subjected to rigorous testing for authenticity, purity, and potency, assuring a consistently high-quality product.
    3. Adherence to Top-tier Standards: Our alignment with top quality standards, including HACCP, and compliance with FDA regulations, vouch for the safety and efficacy of our products.
    4. Collaboration with Agricultural Authorities: We work in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture in Fiji to maintain transparency and uphold responsible practices in the kava industry.

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