Kava: ‘An Alternative Therapy That Works’

It’s not often that kava (or any other alternative therapy, for that matter) gets a truly ‘fair’ write up in the mainstream press.

The focus is usually regarding the safety concerns of sub-standard kava in recent years, rather than the centuries of trouble-free usage and the proven positive effects kava has on ones body and mind.

While medications with some serious side effects often get off without even a reference to their dangers, kava and other ‘alternative therapies’ get hammered as ‘unproven’, ‘proven not to work’, or possibly dangerous to the health.

This is not an accurate representation of the positive potential kava can bring to the world. An example of one view was found in an article in the UK’s Spectator magazine.

Kava: an alternative therapy for relaxation

It takes what is considered to be a balanced view regarding ‘alternative medicine’ and begins by highlighting how certain quips about alternative medicine not working, may be unfair. The author selects three in particular that can claim to work: tai chi, garlic, and our beloved kava.

The article puts forward positive points regarding each therapies. For instance, it points out that tai chi reduces the risk of falling, and hence could be an important therapy for old people. However, it also points out that more conventional treatments might be ‘more suitable, cheaper or more available.’
In the case of kava, the author introduces it as “a herbal medicine that, about 10 years ago, used to be very popular for managing anxiety.”

Then the evidence for it working is presented:

“Does kava work for anxiety? The answer is yes. In 2003, we published a Cochrane review of all rigorous studies testing the efficacy of kava as a treatment of anxiety. We were able to include 11 randomised, placebo-controlled trials and concluded that ‘compared with placebo, kava extract appears to be an effective symptomatic treatment option for anxiety. The data available from the reviewed studies suggest that kava is relatively safe for short-term treatment (one to 24 weeks), although more information is required.”

Waiting for the mention of the ‘dangers’?

While reading, you just know the ‘catch’ is coming. And sure enough:

“For a while, many of us thought that kava was safe and effective. When the first reports of side effects emerged, we were not particularly worried — which medication is totally free of them? But then a flurry of reports was published suggestive of severe liver damage after kava intake. At this stage, many national regulators became seriously concerned and started to investigate. The results seemed to indicate that the commercial kava preparations on the market were indeed liver-toxic. Consequently, kava was banned in many countries.”

That’s it. No mention of the overturn of the kava bans; no mention of the likelihood of inferior quality kava being the likely cause. All kava is tarred with the same brush again!

What’s more, there is no mention of the serious side effects of some other anti-anxiety drugs like the benzodiazepines (tranquillisers). These can cause addiction when taken long-term and come with a wide range of other side effect warnings, including dizziness, trembling, and confusion.

The author’s conclusion is that he agrees with the quip that ‘alternative treatments are therapies that either have not been proven to work or have been proven not to work’. This was the conclusion, despite specifically stating that kava was an ‘alternative therapy that works’.

What started out as a promising article, strangely turned on its head and effectively became another ‘hit piece’ on kava in the end!

As stated, this really is par for the course for kava in mainstream media.

At Fiji Kava, we believe that kava being natural, plant based, and known for centuries by pacific island people as a way to relax, is an undiscovered remedy for stress, muscle soreness, and insomnia. It is our mission to get the word out there that there is a safe and natural solution to take that may calm, soothe, relax + help with sleep rather than the conventional options.

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