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In Fiji, we’re experts in dealing with everyday stresses, and have been for centuries. Fiji’s reputation as the calmest place on earth is based on more than just its beaches.

It’s also the kava, the local “muddy water” beverage Fijians use to calm, soothe and get rid of the daily worries –– deadlines, meetings, bills, parking tickets, you name it –– that can stress us out.

Fiji Kava is a kava company based in Australia and the first foreign company with approval from the Fijian Government to operate in the kava industry. The Company has complete control over its vertically integrated supply chain in a true farm-to-shelf operation and has established a 111-acre nucleus farm in Levuka, on the island of Ovalau, Fiji.

Fiji Kava is focused on expanding the distribution of kava throughout western markets to provide a natural alternative to anti-anxiety prescription medicines such as Valium and Xanax. The Company sells its range of TGA and FDA compliant “Taki Mai”branded kava products in Fiji and is preparing to launch under the Fiji Kava brand in Australia in early 2019.

What’s Kava you ask? Excellent question. Its a natural product that helps you, handle your everyday stresses.


Kava is common around the Pacific and comes from the local Yaqona plant. So, it’s totally natural, nothing artificial. In Fiji, we discovered this over a thousand years ago when “artificial” didn’t even exist yet.


Our ancestors figured out, if you take the roots, dry them in the Fiji sunshine, pound it into a powder and mix the powder in water, it makes a nifty presentation in a half coconut shell. (No paper umbrella necessary. Straw optional.)


The roots of every kava plant contain an active ingredient called kavalactones. We choose kava plants with really high concentrations of kavalactones and only the right kavalactones to make you relax and feel like the world is a wonderful place.


Crack open a bottle of Fiji Kava, take a capsule, or drink a glass  of our ready to mix . Any way will do. When you drink, your lips and tongue will feel a slight numbing effect. All to be expected. Then comes the calm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you, Fiji Kava.

About Us

Fiji Kava Ltd is the first foreign company to be granted permission to operate in the Fiji Kava industry, an activity usually reserved for locals. A key goal of the Company is to expand the distribution of kava within western markets and provide alternatives in the management of anxiety, insomnia and pain.

The high quality kava cultivars we grow, harvest and process, are among the most consistent and finest in the world, with few, if any, who can achieve kava at this level. We maintain a desirable chemotype profile and our manufacturing process includes cold water extraction processing of rhizomes, adhering to the traditional and safest method, to yield a dry powder,

Keep stress at bay from your personal and professional lives.

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